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API Reference

The API allows you to programmatically manipulate and retrieve data from the ad server. To use the API, you simply make HTTP(S) GET or POST requests to the API modules and the API will send back your choice of a JSON or XML response. This simplicity was a design goal because it allows you to use the API with virtually any programming language (Java, JavaScript, .Net, Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc...) because almost all programming languages include HTTP and JSON or XML support. In fact, you can even use the API from your browser address bar or with a command line HTTP client such as curl or wget.

Public API Modules

Private API Modules (API Key Required)

Please refer to the instructions in the introduction to obtain your private API key.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allows you to pass external data to the ad server to be targeted and reported on. Using server-side programming languages, data can be retrieved from many sources, such as SQL databases or XML files. Data can also be stored in cookies and retrieved on the client-side using JavaScript.

For more information and integration instructions, please see the custom field documentation

Keywords & Phrases

Most commonly keyword targeting and reporting will be used in combination with a search function on your web site. This enables you to serve relevant ads on your search results page. However, if you choose to purchase the contextual add-on module, you can enjoy using keyword and phrase targeting on all pages of your site without doing any integration work as the contextual module will automatically spider all pages containing ads on your web site.

For more information and integration instructions, please see the keyword documentation