AdvertServe Q4/2018 Update

AdvertServe Q4/2018 Update

The AdvertServe Q4/2018 update has been deployed and we have big news for you!

AdvertServe Select SSP

We are excited to announce the AdvertServe Select SSP has launched and is ready to fill 100% of your unsold inventory at the highest market rates with RTB demand from 12+ unique sources. Tired of predictably low Google Ads earnings? We can help! Get in touch with sales today.

Other Improvements

Invoices and Payments

You can now view and pay your invoices directly from your AdvertServe control panel by clicking on your account balance in the main tool bar!

Adhesion Effect

We've added a new Adhesion effect (see demo) that allows for placing a static banner around the edges of the browser window. Unlike the crawler, it's not limited to bottom center placement and you can place it at the top, left or right. It also has a border-less design so it doesn't cover up content outside of the banner area.


Do you send codes to publishers that use DFP? We have added a new DFP banner code wizard, which is specifically designed to generate codes that are compatible with DFP and with the required cache-busting and click-tracking macros already set. In addition to that, our banner effects can now also be served through DFP as 1x1 creatives and will break out of DFP iframes automatically.

Automatic Refreshing

Automatic refreshing can now be used with the adhesion, crawler and shoutbox effects! This is a great way to squeeze even more impressions out of these top-performing placements.

Refresh Reporting

Users of automatic refreshing will also appreciate that a new inventory refreshing report has been added, which shows the effectiveness of automatic refreshing for banner zones.

Rate Changes

Changing the rates of a campaign up to this point has always been retroactive, but now it is possible to choose to only have rate changes applied forward from the current day.

HTML5 JavaScript API

  • Our HTML5 JavaScript API has two new functions for disabling and enabling counting of engagements, which allows you to control if and when engagements are counted instead of accepting the default behavior.
  • Our HTML5 JavaScript API has three new functions for auto collapsing expandable, lightbox or fullscreen banners so they fire a Creative Auto Expanded event, which makes it possibe to distinguish them from user-initiated collapses that fire a Creative Expanded event.

Pre-fetch API

The prefetch API now has an img tag output type, which can be used in simplified environments that don't support script or iframe tags.


We'd love to hear from you. Seriously, don't hesitate to contact support if you have questions about any of the new features and improvements.

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