AdvertServe Q3/2022 Update

AdvertServe Q3/2022 Update

We are pleased to announce that the AdvertServe Q3/2022 update has been deployed!

Advertiser E-mail Reports

Previously you could set it up in an advertisers account preferences to e-mail them a summary of their active campaigns. These reports lacked much of the detail available in the advertiser summary reports in the AdvertServe control panel. To address this we've added an option to include a complete advertiser summary report to those e-mails as an Excel or PDF attachment.

Report Exporting

A new option for exporting reports in a compact Excel file format is now available. This format is great if you want to manipulate the data, import it to another program, perform calculations on it, or create pivot tables. It omits column heading and average/total lines, which is especially helpful when a report is dimensioned by date as these heading rows usually need to be manually removed to perform such tasks.

Video Banners

Our video banner editor now features buttons in the upper right corner to resize a video to max size, 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition to this you also have the option to hide the play/pause and mute/unmute buttons. This can be useful for silent videos that play automatically.


Previously when you wanted to have multiple instances of the same AJAX zone code in a page it was necessary to ensure each instance of the code had a unique tagid. This is no longer required! Our AJAX framework now dynamically changes the tagid to ensure uniqueness and sets the div tag id to match when duplicates are detected.

Apple iCloud Private Relay

You can choose to enable filtering of impressions from the Apple iCloud Private Relay (iOS Mail App Privacy Proxy) on the Settings > Basic > Filtering page now. These impressions are filtered by default since Apple iOS Mail now counts impressions when e-mails are delivered rather than opened, which results an inflated count of impressions. If you choose to count these impressions you will see them appear as Apple iCloud Private Relay in our OS and browser reports to monitor its impact.

VAST 4.0

Partial support for VAST 4.0 which adds third-party verfication pixel and viewability measurement.

VAST Audio

We now support VAST audio pre/mid/post-rolls with MP3 and OGG audio files.

HTML5 Banners

The HTML5 banner expand() functions now support changing the expansion direction so it can expand up, left, right, or down.

Automatic Refreshing

Zones now have a refresh blackout setting that allows you to disable automatic refreshing during certain hours of the day and additionally a global setting has been added to allow disabling automatic refreshing in certain countries.

Recycle Bin Search

We've added a search field to the recycle bin so you can more easily locate deleted items to restore.

API Improvements

We've added a new API module for getting an authenticated login link for administrators to access the control panel without logging in to aid in implementing single sign-on with external systems you might integrate with the API.


We'd love to hear from you. Seriously, don't hesitate to contact support if you have questions about any of the new features and improvements.

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