AdvertPro Version 2.5 Updated

AdvertPro Version 2.5 Updated

We are pleased to announce that AdvertPro version 2.5 has been updated!

Read on to find out more about new features, improvements and bug fixes. To obtain the update: visit our download site if you plan to install it yourself or request an update installation if you prefer to have us install it for you. Remember, you'll need to have an up to date support contract to receive this update, so renew today!

New Features

Campaign Snapshot
We have added a new snapshot version of the campaign listing that provides a bird's eye view of which campaigns are currently running and allows you to quickly see how they are progressing. It also shows their schedule, frequency caps and targeting settings as well as which media they are running and the zones that they are running in.

The snapshot can be searched by many types of targets (such as country) and can also be filtered by advertiser, type/size, date range, media or zone. It really is a wonderful new tool that makes keeping on top of things easier than ever! If that wasn't enough, we have also made it possible to export the snapshot to CSV, Excel, JSON and XML formats with a single click.

Contextual Analysis Exclusions
Now you can specify that certain sections of your pages should be excluded from contextual analysis. This is a great way to prevent non-content sections such as your header, navigation or footer from being contextually analyzed. To do this, simply wrap those sections of your pages in <!-- BEGIN_EXCLUDE_CONTEXTUAL --> and <!-- END_EXCLUDE_CONTEXTUAL --> comments. In some cases it may actually be easier to specify which sections of the page should be contextually analyzed. In that case you can use the complementary <!-- BEGIN_INCLUDE_CONTEXTUAL --> and <!-- END_INCLUDE_CONTEXTUAL --> comments instead. Note that it is also supported to have an excluded section within an included section! This could be useful for something like a forum web site where you want to contextually analyze the content of posts but you need to exclude users signature content within them.

Contextual Stop Words
AdvertPro already filters more than 700 stops words such as this, that or the other from showing up in your keyword reports. These are, however, only English variations of those words. Now you can add your own stop words to the list to support other UTF-8 compatible languages. Speaking of UTF-8, the contextual analyzer now supports reading UTF-8 encoded pages in addition to the previously supported ISO-8859-1 encoding.


Campaign Management
We didn't just implement improved search and filtering into the campaign snapshot. The same great improvements have been added to the campaign listing as well! In addition, the campaign listing now sports an eCPM field which shows the lifetime eCPM of your campaigns.

MySQL Master Failback
If you are using a MySQL slave database and it goes down for any reason, AdvertPro will automatically fail back to using the master database until the slave is available again which allows you to perform offline backups or maintenance on the slave.

HTML Parsing Speed
Our HTML parser now parses large snippets of HTML up to 100x faster!

Smarter MySQL Monitoring
The monitor servlet is now smarter about how it reports the condition of the MySQL database being down. Instead of being shown in a FAILED state, the ConnectionPool and optionally the SlaveConnectionPool are now shown in a WARNING state. Every other monitor that depends on the MySQL database is now shown in an IGNORE state to indicate they were skipped due to the failed dependency. This allows you to immediately see the root cause of the problem is the MySQL database. For those of you using scripts to watch the monitor page and restart AdvertPro this also means that it will no longer restart when MySQL goes down briefly (i.e. for maintenance). The ad server is actually designed to continue working normally (as long as it's not restarted) while MySQL is down so it can keep serving ads while buffering statistics updates in memory until MySQL is back up and this allows that to happen by not triggering the restart script.

Flash clickTAG Repair
Some of you may have experienced problems trying check and repair clickTAG's in your Flash SWF files in the last month or so. We are happy to report that these problems have been solved. The third-party service we rely on for this feature has migrated to a more stable Linux server environment to provide us with more reliable service.

Bug Fixes

Even Distribution
Fixed a bug that was causing even distribution plans not be replaced with a completely new plan when decreasing the value of the max views field for an in-progress campaign.

Campaign Copying
When copying a campaign the original chain and priority settings are now preserved for any media or zones that were already assigned to the campaign that was copied.

eCPM Correctness
Calculations for the accounting reports are now done with up to 65 digits of precision, which will provide more accurate eCPM calculations through the elimination of rounding while rolling up data. The total eCPM values shown in the accounting reports are now correct for campaigns that have CPC, CPA and flat rate income in addition to CPM income. These were previously wrong for campaigns that combined more than one type of income rate as it only took the CPM income into consideration.

API Reports
Due to a bug it was required for you to be logged in to the control panel in order to generate HTML formatted reports with the API, however, this has now been fixed and works correctly.

Campaign Alerts
When you reset a campaign or change its start date, stop date or max views/clicks/actions limits the register of alerts based on those conditions are now reset so that those alerts can be sent again when the new conditions are met.


Please don't hesitate to contact support if you have questions about any of the new features and improvements.

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